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May 2017

Expo 2020


What is Expo Dubai is considered the hub for the middle with no tax, great lifestyle and secure place for your business and family. The open economic policy and the dynamic of the private sector with the great support and from the Dubai government that have already attracted a significant number of forgeries companies to invest in Dubai. The UAE government will spend around 8.7 billion for Expo 2020 and has expected revenues of up to $17.7 billion. The number of investors will increase by far during Expo 2020 as 150$ billion in foreign direct investment across a variety of industry sectors like real estate, hospitality, and tourism which will be great opportunities for new business to be born. There is an expecting of 27,000 Dubai expo 2020 jobs to be available in the country due to the preparing and the changes that will happen before and after until Expo 2020. Ahead of Dubai EXPO 2020 Investors of International companies that are looking to set up a business in Dubai in advance of 2020 are advised to try to find the help of a local corporate services provider with appropriate knowledge and experience of company formation in the Mainland, Free Zones, and Offshore. Excellent Setup has built up a strong, stable team of experts ready to carry out all features of company formation in Dubai on behalf of foreign investors and those who are already based in the Middle East. Excellent Setup will help you to choose the best UAE company formation and grab the great upcoming business opportunities in Dubai and through the UAE. How Excclent setup can help a head of Expo 2020? have a cost efficient solution for all your needs. Organize all the required permissions, licenses, and takes care of your PRO, labor and immigration needs. Advice and connect you with the [...]

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Online business in Dubai


Online Business In Dubai Mainland One If you are looking to open an online business in Dubai mainland, currently there is no specific license for E-commerce activities for new company registration in Dubai. Excellent setup will guide through the current, best and the cheapest way to start an dubai online business and across UAE. Two-Setting up an dmcc new company setup or what is well known for E-commerce platforms is covered at the moment by mainland under General trading license or in theFree Zone. Three You can set up a general trading license in Dubai either on the Mainland or Free Zone. Excellent Setup can help you to choose the best option depending on the service that you are willing to conduct in regards to your budget. The DED Dubai Economic Department is responsible for an LLC company formation in Dubai and the process of a general trading license. The direct cost is higher compared to the free Zones . Click here to know more about the general trade license in the Mainland. dubai online business Free Zones Four set up a trade license in one of Dubai free zones or E-commerce license in a free zone depending on your specific requirements and needs .we will help you to choose the best free Zone trading license option available in Dubai. Five If you choose the Free Zone option, and you like to distribute your product in the mainland you need to work with local distributors and warehouses as it is not allowed to ship goods directly to customers in the UAE. online business in Dubai by Matajircom Six Part of Expo 2020 development plans the Dubai Government is looking for creating the world’s first e-commerce hub, under the name called Matajircom. The new setup formation will provide SMEs and e-commerce focused companies with the following Advantages: Fast track company registration [...]

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April 2017

Three Business Setup Options in UAE!


Three Business Setup Options in UAE! The United Arab Emirates gives you multiple Business setup options when it comes to setup a business. You can choose a Mainland company or Free Zone or an Offshore. Choosing any of Business setup  options depends on the activities that you like carry on and the allocated budget that you have in mind. If you want to trade inside UAE, you can set up a mainland LLC. If you would like full control over your company and enjoynow in the country when the turn over of the company reach 175000 Aed they will pay tax 5% UAE benefits and trading with countries outside UAE, then the free zone is the best option for you. In case you do not require an office in UAE, and you want a complete privacy over you to transition then the offshore company suits your needs.  Mainland Business Setup The Department of Economic Development (DED) of the each related Emirate is responsible for issuing the license for your business. All the Emirates have almost the same business setup conditions and no restriction on doing business in the Local market as well as outside UAE. When you choose the formation of Mainland Company in Dubai or other Emirates, there is no limit on the number of visas. However, you will need to hire an office space with minimal 200 square feet area and must have a local sponsor or local agent depending on the activities that you choose. If you like to know more about company formation in UAE Mainland click here  Free Zone Business Setup The Free Zone authorities are responsible for business setup a Free Zone company license in the designated jurisdiction of the Emirate. The corporation is allowed to operate either inside the same Free Zone or outside the UAE.  The Free Zone Company that has commercial licenses for the trading of physical goods [...]

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