Pro Service UAE, Dubai Free Zones

PRO companies in DubaiExcellent setup is one of the best pro service uae and Across the UAE. The United Arab Emirates is well known to be the best place in the Middle East to invest due to the infrastructure the extra benefit of Dubai hosting the Expo 2020. If you are an Expat that want to open a online business in dubai and looking best PRO companies in Dubai or any of the other six emirates then you have found the right place for many reasons:
First of all, Expat normally finds it difficult to understand all the rules and the regulation as the UAE is still a developing Country and there are continual updates to improve their services and law. For example, there is always updates regarding the residence visa in Mainland, UAE Labour card and free zone visa.
Secondly, there are continual updates to rules and regulation in UAE and especially for new companies in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman .The main aim for the government is to improve their services and trying to use online systems but still there is lot of work need to be done.
As a result, this requires constant follow-ups with the Government Authorities which our staff at Excellent Setup do on a regular basis to serve our customers in the best possible way.
How we can help you
When you are using Excellent Setup service you don’t have to visit the authority’s offices multiple times per day or a couple of time per week. We have built a strong connection with the government officials to enable us to update you on regular schedule about your company registration in the UAE.
Approvals with Pro service uae
If you are looking for the best Pro companies in Dubai and across UAE then you are the right place. Excellent setup get approvals from different departments DED, Ministry of Labor, Dubai Chamber, Roads, and Transport Authority, UAE Embassy, Dubai Courts, Dubai Immigration and Naturalization Department, General Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and much more. We are a leading Pro company in drafting labor contracts as well as Dubai translation services as most of the paperwork for Business setup in the UAE is done in the national language of Arabic.
Excellent Setup will help in every possible way at the most affordable prices to do all the PRO service after starting your business license. Look at the below table for all our PRO services.

PRO Services

  • New residency visa
  • re-stampingResidency visa
  • Renewal of Residency visa
  • Residency visa cancellation
  • New Est. Card – Labor
  • New Est. Card – Immigration


  • Renewal of Est. Card – Labor
  • Renewal of Emirates ID Card
  • Medical checkup Assistance
  • Application for new health card
  • Renewal of Health Card
  • Transfer of Sponsorship


  • Residence permit correction
  • Reporting of Absconding
  • Re-entry permit application
  • Applying for liquor license
  • Securing no objection letters
  • Drafting a Wills & Probate


  • Local sponsor arrangement
  • Non Sponsored ID card
  • Entry permit renewal
  • Driver’s license applications
  • Marriage certificate attestation
  • Vehicle Registration

United Arab Emirates

  • Employment ID card
  • Representative / PRO ID card
  • Mail P O BOX Registration
  • Documents Attestation
  • EJARI Lease Registration
  • Documents Attestation