Do you want to understand the benefits of working in free zone Dubai? Investors are getting attracted to the incentives and the benefits that the government is providing the people ready to invest in the economy of UAE. Company formation consultants in Dubai are encouraging foreign investors for trading in free zones as it is more profitable and has higher success rates.

Free zones were formed to increase international business profits and endorse the different benefits that the authorities are providing the entrepreneurs. They are offering different benefits such as relaxed taxes, no duty on imports and exports, and the opportunity of getting full ownership. The free zone in UAE is made of a total number of forty-five zones, and Dubai is one of the most profitable free zones to work in.

The free zones in UAE are still evolving are the investors are getting benefits from the incentives and cheap assets and labor that the country offers. Companies in the free zone can communicate with international firms and other companies that may have been a bit obstructive if the organization was situated on the mainland. The free zone is the region that integrates emirates with the city that are controlled by the authorities.

Why do you Need a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai to Set Up your Business

  1. DMCC free zone company formation :

The investors particularly show interest in DMCC as they get to enjoy the benefits of fifty years of tax holiday for personal and income taxes upon registration. The shareholders also get the advantage of warehouse space and other storage facilities, which cost an extra fortune if they are investing in mainland business. Mainland business is naturally expensive, although the connections provided by the mainland business are excellent, the Freezone provides you with the facility of gaining a hundred percent ownership.

  1. The transfer of funds :

The transfer of funds is also a key point why investors are attracted to the free zones. The funds are required for setting up the different agencies and workplaces. The investors can easily transfer funds and keep the capital fluid and put the capital into purchasing assets vital for the functioning of the organization.

  1. Complete ownership :

On the mainland the owners have to engage in trading with a partner or a co-owner who is a local, in the free zone the above rule doesn’t apply, and the owner is independent to choose their partner or can gain complete ownership of the company.

  1. Tax and Duty :

The most compelling way of attracting investors is tax exemption. The free zone areas are reportedly giving relaxation on taxes and also providing other services required for s set up at a lower rate. The free zones businesses are exempt from import and export stating the fact that they can trade without any currency restrictions.


Free zones are vital places that are attractive to investors and entrepreneurs as the authorities provide foreign investors with incentives and benefits. Top businesses set up in Dubai are in free zones and the owners spend less capital on different assets and tax exemptions that are profitable for their business.