Dubai Freezone is a business zone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was established by the government as a special economic zone (SEZ) in the 1980s. The free zone is located on the outskirts of Dubai city and covers an area of 2,000 km². The Freezone provides tax concessions to companies operating there and has been described as “the world’s biggest foreign investment attraction” as it offers numerous advantages to set up Freezone company Dubai.

Advantages offered by Freezones for businesses

One of the main advantages of forming a company in a Dubai Freezone is that you will be able to reduce risk and save time and money. This is because it is much easier for companies established in this area to access the financial services they require. For example, if you want to issue shares or bonds, then this can be done more quickly than if your company was based elsewhere. If you need an accountant or legal adviser, these professionals are also likely to be able to provide services more quickly than otherwise would have been possible with an international presence. Some more benefits of Dubai Freezone company formation are listed below:

How to start a business in Dubai Free Zone | UAE

  • You don’t need local partners – You can hire staff from other countries without having them live locally;
  • Your business has no requirement for local branding;
  • Security issues are reduced – There are fewer risks associated with setting up shop near significant population centers like Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ)
  • Easy set up/closing procedures – Companies under this jurisdiction need only submit certain documents for registration and once it has been approved by DIFC authorities then all necessary things like visas etc can be obtained easily from local authorities without much hassle at all!

In a Dubai free zone, you can get all the benefits of being a company in Dubai. You will be able to do business with ease and enjoy tax benefits, low cost, and ease of management. The transferability of your shares is also not an issue as they are held by a special entity called The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

How is Freezones beneficial for your business?

Forming a company in a Dubai Freezone can be beneficial to your business.

  • It’s an easy way to test the market for your product or service before you spend money on marketing.
  • DMCC free zone company formation is an excellent way to protect your intellectual property from theft by others who might copy it, as well as other legal issues such as copyright infringement and patent infringement. You also have more control over how your product or service is marketed and sold than if it were sold through online platforms where there may be fewer protections against fraudulent activity by sellers on those platforms (such as when someone uses someone else’s name).