What are the requirements for the trade license

/What are the requirements for the trade license

In order to get the trade license you have to submit the following information:

  • Enlist the category of your business
  • Enlist the type of activities that you will be performing
  • Enlist all the activities that fall under your business license and you might consider use them
  • Ensure that there are only 10 activities listed
  • The nationalities and number of business owners must be included with the legal undertakings
  • The conditions and requirements that falls under the license must be included
  • Trade Name of the business should be mentioned
  • For the initial approval you will have to submit the application to the department
  • Once you have the approval register your Trade Name immediately
  • Rent the business premises
  • The conditional documents to your business must be prepared. It includes certification from authorities, memorandum of association.

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