Cheapest Trade License in Dubai

How we can offer a low cost business setup service

Many people wonder how we can provide a low cost business setup service (up to 50% off of our competitors) and still manage to stay in business?

Two main reasons for low cost business setup service with Excellent Setup

First Off, We Run a Very Tight Ship:

Excellent Setup has an online system that allows us to save time as well as hire fewer employees into our company.

Excellent Setup would prefer to put money like that into our systems, security and high-level web and SEO services.

Our employees are very smart and highly trained — we form as many companies as our competitors, however they may have ten times more employees than us. We also bonus our staff based on the performance of the business overall. Furthermore we allow our employees to work from outside the office in an appropriate place and at a time that suits the required work which help us to be a low cost business setup service.

Secondly, We Are Very Honest With Our Customers

Our clients are shocked when they see that we charge the “real” Government fee as some other competitors tend to sneak some other costs within the government price.

We pride ourselves on no hidden charges; our staff will inform our clients from the first meeting of how much the relative charges might vary depending on the license conditions. Excellent setup will notify you beforehand of any changes — you only pay for what you order. We also notify you before any recurring charges are incurred.

If a certain approval for company registration takes 30 days to be processed, we will tell you that, right from the beginning and keep you regularly up-to-date.

Excellent Setup does not spend much money on advertising for our company as our philosophy is that we would rather improve the customer experience. We rely on word-of-mouth and repeat business services from our clients.

To summarize, Excellent Setup is a highly-efficient operation, profitable, low-cost business setup service. Since it was founded in 2014 we have had fantastic client testimonials, unsurpassed credentials and demonstrated a commitment to customer service excellence. We always try to help our clients that ask for successful business ideas in the UAE as well as business ideas with low investment for clients with little Money.  It is value-conscious customers like you that will keep us in business for years to come. Thank you!