Licenses Options in UAE

The United Arab Emirates gives you multiple options when it comes to setup a company. You can choose a Mainland company or Free Zone or an Offshore. Choosing any of these options depends on the activities that you like carry on and the allocated budget that you have in mind. If you want to trade inside UAE, you can set up a mainland LLC. If you would like full control over your company and enjoy Tax-free UAE benefits and trading with countries outside UAE, then the free zone is the best option for you. In case you do not require an office in UAE, and you want a complete privacy over you to transition then the offshore company suits your needs. The Department of Economic Development (DED) of the each related Emirate is responsible to issued the license for your business. All the emirates have almost the same conditions and no restriction on doing business in the Local market as well as outside UAE.

When you choose the formation of Mainland Company in Dubai or other Emirates, there is no limit on the number of visas. However, you will need to hire an office space with minimal 200 square feet area and must have a local sponsor or local agent depending on the activities that you choose.

The Free Zone authorities are responsible for establishing the Free Zone company license in the designated jurisdiction of the Emirate where the corporation is allowed to operate either inside the same Free Zone or outside the UAE.  The Free Zone Company that has commercial licenses for the trading of physical goods is not permitted do local business directly because the government has enforced a limitation for trading in the domestic market through distributors and requires paying 5% duty on the local market invoices.  The UAE Free Zone company formation gives you the option to choose not to have an office and instead have a flexy desk, or use their business center and pay an hourly rate. The Free Zone license also gives you the option to import and export within the Free Zone and Internationally.

If you are looking to conduct your business privately and protect your capital, and asset, then Offshore company formation in UAE will be the best choice by far. Being non-resident companies, UAE offshore companies cannot do business in the United Arab Emirates and only can get a certification of incorporation. The setting of a UAE offshore company will protect you completely and will be a very low-cost option for you.