Dubai Health Care City Free Zone

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai developed Dubai Health Care City in 2002. It was established to meet the demands and provide high-quality healthcare centers in the DHCC.

There are two hospitals and more than 90 outpatient Dubai healthcare city clinics in DHCC. More than 2500 licensed professionals are working in Dubai that occupies the 4.1 million square feet of area in the heart of Dubai.

The Dubai healthcare city investment and health care professionals in DHCC are dedicated to bringing excellence to patient care. They have met the changing international healthcare standards and they are providing expertise in a wide range of specialties.

Dubai Health Care City is the home of many national and international healthcare brands. The area is regarded to have quality health care and the patient satisfaction levels have consistently shown to be high. DHCC has been providing the best medical facilities with the help of leading medical institutes and best healthcare providers. New services and platforms are constantly developing in DHCC to make it the forefront of healthcare.

In a short span of time Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone has been developed into the best medical community and can compete at an international scale. The Dubai healthcare authority has many plans for the future to deliver the best healthcare providers.

Excellent Setup works closely with the Dubai healthcare authority and can offer many opportunities in the Dubai Health Care City Free Zone. This makes obtaining a Dubai free zone license much easier with our company. Whether it be a clinic, laboratory or any other health care business Excellent Setup is ready to make your Dubai Free Zone business dreams come true.

Advantages of setting up a license in the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

  • You will get complete exemption for the corporate and personal tax for 15 years
  • The foreign investors can completely own and control the organization
  • You will not have to deal with the custom duties
  • Excellent Setup has the experience to work with Dubai health care authority to provide you with any administrative support needed
  • Numerous business opportunities are available
  • The rates are competitive
  • The labor force is skilled and you can also hire the foreign labors
  • The operations and logistic cost are very low in this area
  • With the international outlook, you will come across the world-class infrastructure so there is no need for the development
  • You will get the accessibility to the offices, accommodations, and warehouses according to your requirements
  • The economic structure is highly developed that will provide you a chance to grow your business effectively
  • You can enjoy several financial advantages according to the business that you would like to start in the Dubai free zone
  • Remarkable energy resources are available at an affordable cost

3 type of licenses in Dubai Health Care City Free Zone

Type of Licenses

In order to start your corporation in the region, you have to get the Dubai healthcare city license. There are many medical specialists that have been working in this area. However, the government wants to change it into an industrial area as well. So the opportunities for you are many all you have to do is grab them by applying for the following types of licenses.

Commercial license

It is the type of organizational license that will allow you to start your manufacturing company. All you have to do is import the raw material from any country that you like. You can use this material to manufacture good in UAE and then you can either export the finished items or distribute them in the region. In order to distribute the good in UAE, you will have to hire a local agent or distributor.

Services license

This is the license for those that want a wide range of opportunities in this company. It will provide you the authority serve the people in the Dubai healthcare city location with the services that you have excelled in. Keep in mind that you can only provide the services that have been listed in the license.

Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone Requirements for Business Registration

Excellent will organize and support you with these requirements.

  • The application and letter of content
  • Provide the Brochure of the existing company if available
  • You will have to provide 6 months bank statement of the shareholder or the annual financial report
  • The copy of passport and CV of the manager
  • Copy of CV and passport of shareholder
  • The bank reference letter should be original
  • There should be a no objection letter from the present sponsor for the manager
  • If your business requires an approval you must get it from the third party authority
  • A business plan
  • Legal representative of your organization should be available

Schedule for getting the license in Dubai Health Care City Free Zone

You should follow the given 6-stage method keeping in mind the end goal to get your business permit for Dubai healthcare city free zone.

Step 1 – day 1

As indicated by the demands of your business, you should choose the permit license. Ensure that you select the classification that will coordinate with your companies requests flawlessly.

Step 2 – day 2

When you have chosen the permit, the following step will help in the determination of the entity. It is your decision that whether you might want to have a free zone foundation or a branch of a current organization.

Step 3 – day 2

As per your business, you should choose the area that you will be most comfortable with. It can be:

  • Land
  • Warehouse
  • Office

Step 4 – day 4

Now provide our staff with all the legal documents so that we will start the procedure and provide you the license in limited time. If you will submit the documents early you will get the first reservation.

Step 5 – day 5 to 11

We will demonstrate you with a receipt once you have presented the reports and documents. You need to pay the sum as per the administrations that you will get.

Step 6 – day 22

When you have gotten your permit it is the time that you begin your business. Guarantee that you will maintain the quality of your products and services

Excellent Setup Service Charge

The cost for getting the new Dubai free zone license is 6000AED and in the event that you need to re-establish your past business license you would pay 1500AED. Excellent Setup will set up a meeting with our client and our professional experts and papers will be converted and drafted into English and Arabic. You will get a wide range of assistance from us while setting up your business. We will guarantee to get your business enlisted in Dubai Health Care City Free Zone within a short time with the goal that you can start working in Dubai Healthcare city companies.

Amendment License Services

At Excellent Setup, our services also include:

  • Add Partner
  • Partner Withdrawal
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Modify Activity
  • Amendment of  Trade Name
  • Change Manager
  • Adjust Signature
  • Adjust License Particulars
  • Change Partner
  • Cancel License
  • Trade License Liquidation

PRO Services in Dubai

  •  Airport Visa Drop-off
  • Arabic Legal Translation (from English)
  • The Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation as well as  of Degrees, Marriage Certificate, and Birth Certificate
  • The Attestation of Certificates/Contract
  • The Certificate of Good Standing
  • Salary Certificate
  • No Objection Letter for  (Driver’s License, Liquor License, Car Registration, Travel)
  • In Country Change of Status
  • Visa Pre-Approval
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (inside the country)
  • Police Clearance (for Liquor License)
  • Assistance for Driver’s License
  • Penalty for late renewal of Immigration Card
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (outside the country)
  • VIP Support for the Medical Test & Emirates ID Application
  • Re-issuance/Duplicate Company Document
  • Dependents Sponsorship

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