Eight steps for business Setup in Sharjah

Business Setup in Sharjah involves eight steps that can be completed in 10 days. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the process of getting a license and starting your business set up in Sharjah.

Business setup in Sharjah with Excellent Setup is very efficient and low cost business setup consultants.  Our staff will prepare and guide you to sort all the legal procedures for Whatever you are looking for Sharjah free zone business setup or an LCC setup .

These are the requirement that you need to consider in the process:

Formations for Business setup in Sharjah

The type of your business will determine the kind of license you need for Business setup in Sharjah. Whether it is commercial, professional or industrial licenses, these will define the basis of your operations. However, while choosing to be advised that some activities such as food trading, jewelry trade, veterinary activities and legal consultancy will require further approvals from other governmental departments in Sharjah.

The Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) has a list of all the activities that you can choose to open your business. Excellent setup will be able to help you to find your specific one that you are looking for or suits your need and abilities. You can set up an LLC company or Free Zone company in Sharjah.  Look at Sharjah Airport free zone and Hamriyah Free Zone pages for all the details.  This provides fewer nationality constraints in the ownership and visas associated to other jurisdictions.

Two Types of Ownership for business setup in Sharjah

As a foreign national inventory, if you would like to have 100 per cent ownership of your company, you need to look for a free Zone company license in Sharjah or many other UAE free Zones. There are particular kinds of activities that each Free Zone will cater for; Excellent Setup will help you to choose the best more suitable options for your needs. There are two Free Zones in Sharjah and 45 free zones in the UAE, please look at the freeze option in UAE  for all the details.

If you want to operate on the mainland in Sharjah you need a local license then; you have to get a permit from the Department of Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD). The SEDD license comes with some limitations on the share of ownership for foreigners. Excellent setup will guide throughout the process and ensure to protect your rights.

legal Form

There are rules about the make-up of your company, Depending on your location and type of business. For example, if you have a plan for a legal consultancy firm, this can be done only as a branch of the firm or as a stand-alone company. A sole proprietor is not allowed to take up this activity. Each Sharjah Free Zone has its restrictions regarding business structure Excellent Setup consultancy will explain all the procedures for business setup in Sharjah.

Trade Name for Business setup in Sharjah

Your company trade name is a critical part of the legal process. The company name should ideally indicate the nature of business unless it is a branch of another company. All the rules regarding trade names can you can ask our consultancy that will clear it up for you straight away.

There is a Minimum share capital is usually set out in the Memorandum of Association of your proposed company. Most of the cases, you do not need to pay minimum capital at the time of setting up business in Sharjah.

Once you have all your legal procedures and forms ready to go, our consultant will help you finalize a shortlist some offices with costs and other details. In free zones, you will get Excellent Setup will assistance to find premises suitable to your requirement along with contributing to set up electricity, the internet, water and other services. We will help to find out all the Sharjah business license fees from A to Z.

In the most legal forms in the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD), you need to hire a manager to supervise processes and to be ready to be on board before your registration is approved. However, other cases, you may not be allowed to hire at all. Regarding the structure of new company Excellent setup will make it straightforward process to set up a business in Sharjah. We will help you to choose the best options regarding Sharjah free zone business setup or LLC Sharjah business setup.

Local Sponsor for Mainland company formation in Sharjah

For setup a company in Sharjah, the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD), it is mandatory to have a local agent, partner or local sponsor Excellent Setup will able to provide with a local sponsor read more. When you are setting up a free zones license, it’s not mandatory, and Sharjah as a business destination boasts easy set-up for all people in business regardless of nationality.

Read More

Schedule for Mainland company formation in Sharjah

Five steps for setting a license in the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) for General trade and commercial license that does not require any external approvals.

First Step  Day 1: signs service agreement between the client and the Excellent Setup Company and submit all the requirements with the payment for our company service charges.

Second Step  Day 2: Excellent Setup will present the Application for the Initial Approval for business activity.

Third Step Day 3: Trade Name Reservation will be acquired.

Fourth Step Day 4: The client has to provide the Ejari certificate to Excellent Setup and sign Memorandum of Association, Local Service Agent Agreement, and Civil Works Agreement. Before going to the Notary public in Sharjah the expatriate shareholders/s are needed to be required personally as well as Local Partner /Local Service Agent, or it is representative to sign the incorporation documents.

Fifth Step Day 5: final submission of the documentation along with the Issuance payment voucher to acquire the trade License.

Business setup cost in Sharjah

LCC License Cost in SharjahAPP -SEDD ChargesLocal SponsorOur Service ChargesTotal (AED)
First year

Second year









LCC License Cost in SharjahAPP -SEDD ChargesLocal Sponsor AgentOur Service ChargeTotal(AED)

First year

Second year









Please note the Exact Payment Voucher Fees depends on the type of commercial activity as well as the cost of your yearly rent office. (The Market Fee is 5%). Please contact us to know all the information.


Name booking will cost 600AED, and this is a one-time government payment. In case the selected name of the company is foreign (not in Arabic) there will be additional fees of 2000Aed.

Initial Approval will cost 160 AED, and this is a one-time government payment.

The Sponsorship fee might change depending on the commercial activities and the needs of Clients. The cost of the sponsorship will increase in case the number of employees will be more the 100 as well if an LLC company wants to credit facilities on the MOA.

The fee of the Memorandum of Association/Local Service Agent Agreement/Civil Works Agreement drafting and notarizing is a one-time fee which will be approximately 1925 AED (based on two shareholders that have 100,000 AED share capital calculation).

File Opening- Ministry of Labor (Establishment Card) will cost 2,053AED; this is a one-time government payment fee.

The cost of an E-Signature Card – Ministry of Labor 1,000AED, this is a one-time government payment fee.

The General Trading License fees in Sharjah will be approximately AED 25,000 – AED 30,000.

Amendment License Services for Company formation in Sharjah

Our services also include:

  • Add Partner
  • Partner Withdrawal
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Modify Activity
  • Amendment of  Trade Name
  • Change Manager
  • Adjust Signature
  • Adjust License Particulars
  • Change Partner
  • Cancel License
  • Trade License Cancellation

PRO Services in Sharjah

  • Airport Visa Drop-off
  • Arabic Legal Translation (from English)
  • The Sharjah Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation as well as  of Degrees, Marriage Certificate, and Birth Certificate
  • The Attestation of Certificates/Contract
  • The Certificate of Good Standing
  • Salary Certificate
  • No Objection Letter for  (Driver’s License, Liquor License, Car Registration, Travel)
  • In Country Change of Status
  • Visa Pre-Approval
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (inside the country)
  • Police Clearance (for Liquor License)
  • Assistance for Driver’s License
  • Penalty for late renewal of Immigration Card
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (outside the country)
  • VIP Support for the Medical Test & Emirates ID Application
  • Re-issuance/Duplicate Company Document
  • Dependents Sponsorship



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    Benefits of establishing a business in Sharjah

    As the third-largest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah is a ground full of business prospects for ventures across numerous sectors. With the Emirate hosting inhabitants of over 1.70 million people, Business Setup In Sharjah is well positioned to achieve great heights potentially. This blog discusses why Sharjah is an excellent place to begin your dream business.

    Access to markets

    Sharjah is comprehended for its residential sector mainly because so many decide to settle and live in the Emirate due to its reasonable property prices. That means companies within Sharjah can tap into an extensive market mainly consisting of immigrant residents who are more than keen to utilize their disposable earnings on your business’ offerings. 

    In addition, the Emirate also presents the directed infrastructure needed to access these markets with cost-effective leases and unrestricted free zones.

    Free Zones

    Sharjah’s administration has created various free zones that allow businesses and entrepreneurs to flourish within the market with additional advantages without damaging the bank.

    No capital requirements

    Sharjah promotes business-friendly policies that allow new business setups to function without a mandatory capital requirement. This policy is significant for SMEs who may not have the funds due to their small-scale operations. 

    No limitations on business activities and visas

    Particular regions of the UAE bar a checklist of business activities, subject to the legal rules and regulations of the location. However, in Sharjah, that restriction is not current. As a result, entrepreneurs are free to immerse themselves in nearly any form of trade activity compared to the other provinces in the UAE.  Moreover, the Emirate also authorizes unlimited visa issuance, enabling companies to hire as much talent as they require worldwide for Company formation in Sharjah.

    Sustainable Emirate

    The Emirate of Sharjah has vigorously taken measures to become self-sufficient and sustainable. Numerous initiatives have been presented that aid businesses in changing to more sustainable alternatives that affect energy and environmental consequences.

    It has positively impacted businesses in the Emirate, as swapping to renewable energy sources indicates lower bills for corporations to pay, boosting profitability in the long run while lowering a venture’s carbon footprint and getting us one step closer to a cleaner and greener planet.

    Ease of currency regulations

    The other Emirates tend to have ordinances restricting specific currencies’ usage. This restriction may pose an inhibitor to corporation prosperity and ease of commerce. However, Sharjah does not have such impositions, and companies are allowed to conduct financial trades efficiently.

    No mandatory audits

    Companies in the Emirate of Sharjah do not have any legal necessity to be audited, making the procedure voluntary and up to the organization’s discretion. That indicates that ventures within the Emirate can assign valuable time and aid to the firm rather than scheduling audits. 

    Comprehending the know-how and advantages of initiating a business in Sharjah can be overwhelming initially. Here at Excellent Setup Management Consultancy, our specialist consultants break down the dos and don’ts of Business setup services in Sharjah, making your dream company set up in the UAE a reality in the most effortless way possible.