Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Overview

The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone was developed in 1995 and is considered as the premier business destinations in the UAE Free Zones. The SAIF-Zone is situated in the Emirate of Sharjah and it is regarded as the industrial powerhouse of the area.

There are 2900 companies working under the Sharjah Free Zone companies list and they are being operated from 91 different countries. This means that the UAE free zones have the space to consume millions of new organizations. The SAIF-Zone Visa attracts many business opportunities as it brings many customers for you to market your brand and business.

It covers a wide area of the industry and the Sharjah Free Zone companies list. Companies mostly include IT services, light to material manufacturers, consumers durables, media as well as some of the biggest names in the industry. The best thing about the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is that the chances of investment are high, the living cost is low and you can easily find the labor to manage your tasks. With the stabilized economy, you will get the perfect chance to establish a successful business.

Advantages of setting up a license in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

  • The location of Sharjah Free Zone is within the boundaries of Sharjah Airport
  • The owners can enjoy the facilities like the tax-free operation
  • You will get the 100% foreign ownership through the SAIF-Zone visa
  • The owners of the organization will get 100% repatriation of their good and capital at Sharjah Airport International Free Zone
  • The organizations will get the Sharjah free zone visa and license within 24 hours
  • The accommodation of labor will be on-site
  • SAIF-Zone visa and sponsorship are available for all staff members
  • It is the strategic location that will provide you the access to over 2 billion customers
  • There are no restrictions on the currency
  • Within the Free Zone, you will get the 100% tax exemption for exports and imports
  • You will get quick registration process with our services
  • Apart from the availability of land you will get all the high technological services
  • It can be regarded as the strategic location for the micro-business organizations
  • The best thing about Free Zone is that it is close to the major seaports and two airports
  • At the Free Zone, you will get a special concession
  • In case that you want to hire foreign employees, you can easily get the permission
  • All the rules and regulations for Sharjah free zone jobs vacancy are investor friendly and modern

Four types of licenses in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Commercial license

It will allow you to import, consolidate, export, distribute and warehouse the products in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone. The license is limited to 3 similar product lines.

General trading license

When dealing with a large number of products then the General Trading Sharjah free zone license is beneficial and works under the commercial license

Service license

This type of license allows the business organization to present only those services to their customers that are mentioned in the license. All types of services are allowed in this license apart from those that have been prohibited by the local or federal authorities.

Industrial license

This license allows you to export and import raw material, manufacture, process and package the items.

 Two types of ownership for businesses in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Free Zone Company

In order to operate the Sharjah free zone companies, you will require the Free Zone license that is issued by the authorities of the area. Then you will get the opportunity start your own company. It is up to you whether you would like to start as the individual owner or have at least one shareholder. The minimum share for the corporations should be 1000 AED.

Branch of Foreign organization

If you want to introduce the branch of the foreign company in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone that has been operating successfully you will require the foreign company branch license.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Requirements for Business Registration

    • The proof for the name of the organization
    • A prove for the initial approval for the categorical activities
    • Shareholders should provide the copy of their passport
    • Manager should provide the CV and passport copy
    • A sheet with personal information about the manager and shareholder
    • Lease agreement
    • In order to act on the behalf of the shareholder, you must provide the attested documents of power of attorney
    • You should have the third party authority pre-approval for some of the activities

Additional documents

    • Memorandum of association
    • Board resolution
    • Certificate of registration

10 Steps to get your company license in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone(Saif Zone)

First step →Day 1: Sign the service agreement with Excellent Setup and make the payment. (Files preparation. Taking 1 working day after all required documents provided by the client)

Second step→ Day 2: Company name reservation is carried out at the Saif free Zone by our company.

Third step → Day 3: Clients can meet our consultant at Saif free Zone or come to our Office at 9 am to be taken to Saif free Zone by our staff to sign the company incorporation papers work in front of a Saif free Zone official.

Important note: After day three the Schedule will vary depending on what the Client will choose a ready fitted office space or if the customer prefers to ask Saif free Zone contractors to do a fit-out for the elected office, or if customers prefer to do that independently.

These are the steps that will follow day three.

Fourth Step: Office will be finalized

Fifth Step: Preparing Lease agreement

Sixth Step : Collecting the office keys

Seventh Step: Business License released by the Free Zone and Excellent Setup will send a soft copy by email.

Eight step: The Original License, Saif  Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Lease Agreement, and Articles of Association.  This depends on the type of license.

Ninth Step: The dedicated landline will be activated and we will provide you the telephone number along with details of your address.

Tenth Step: Company Immigration Card issued by Sharjah Immigration and you can apply for UAE visa if required.

Excellent Setup Service Charge for Sharjah Freezone license 

The cost to set up a business in the Sharjah Free Zone license will be 6000AED and for the renewal of a license, it will cost 1500AED. Our fee includes the consultation services, professional fee, all the documents will be drafted in Arabic and English Language. We will provide you the required help at every point to make sure that your business setup will be successful in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone. In order to know more about Sharjah free zone license contact us today.

Amendment License Services for Saif zone

Our services also include:

  • Add Partner
  • Partner Withdrawal
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Modify Activity
  • Amendment of  Trade Name
  • Change Manager
  • Adjust Signature
  • Adjust License Particulars
  • Change Partner
  • Cancel License
  • Trade License Cancellation
PRO Services in Sharjah
  • Airport Visa Drop-off
  • Arabic Legal Translation (from English)
  • The Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation as well as  of Degrees, Marriage Certificate, and Birth Certificate
  • The Attestation of Certificates/Contract
  • The Certificate of Good Standing
  • Salary Certificate
  • No Objection Letter for  (Driver’s License, Liquor License, Car Registration, Travel)
  • In Country Change of Status
  • Visa Pre-Approval
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (inside the country)
  • Police Clearance (for Liquor License)
  • Assistance for Driver’s License
  • Penalty for late renewal of Immigration Card
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (outside the country)
  • VIP Support for the Medical Test & Emirates ID Application
  • Re-issuance/Duplicate Company Document
  • Dependents Sponsorship

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    Wish to launch a firm in the Dubai Airport Free Zone

    Do you intend to set up a business in Dubai Airport Free Zone, one of the most prestigious and progressive free zones in Dubai? Way to go! Get prepared to be deluged with the advantages and opportunities the free zone exudes. Along with more than 2000 documented businesses from over 20+ sectors and different industries with 20,000+ specialists, DAFZA is one of the most promising free zones in the UAE. 

    DAFZA Company Formation Procedure

    Establishing a business with DAFZA is effortless, as the free zone authority demands minimum paperwork and courses.

    Here are the critical steps to set up a business in a free zone.

    Verify the business activity and trade clearance accordingly

    Determine the permit type that covers all the preferred activities.

    Select the type of legal entity

    Determine the legal form your company would take up. Whether Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC), aka Free Zone Company (FZ Co.). Existing regional and foreign businesses can also establish a branch of their firm in DAFZA.

    Select a trading name

    Give your company a perfect name that aligns with UAE norms. The proposed trade name must not infringe the public morals or the government’s public order and must be observed by the organization’s legal form (LLC, DMCC, FZE, etc.). Also, ensure the selected name has not been previously enlisted and is compatible with the necessary type of activity and legal status. Ultimately, and most importantly, it should not include names of any religion or governing administration, nor names or symbols of any external bodies.

    Start the business license application.

    Review with DAFZA what the verifying documents are and then present them with the completed license application form to request the initial authorization, followed by the trade license needed to operate the preferred business activities.

    Find the office area and sign the lease contract

    Pick the office your business requires amongst the choices DAFZA offers, such as Flexi-desk areas and Executive offices. DAFZA also presents industrial space, warehousing and Cold storage, including creative office spaces. 

    Achieve pre-approvals, enlist your business and collect your authorization

    The laws of DAFZA govern DAFZA-licensed businesses. The administration can request the required approvals by providing the documents needed. These documents may differ depending on the kind of business activity and enterprise.

    Meet your DAFZA business setup experts in Dubai at Excellent Setup Management Consultancy

    Without a suspicion, Dubai Airport Freezone business formation is easy, but it still requires you to jump through hoops until you acquire your trade license. You might need professional advice in Dubai while taking critical decisions during the period, such as selecting the business, the legal structure of the firm, determining the business name, choosing an appropriate business formation plan, renting suitable office space, etc. 

    Our Dubai business consultants are pleased to assist you at every step of the business setup procedure in Dubai. With our competent Dubai business setup advisors by your side, you don’t have to stress about any paperwork or legwork involved in the system. 

    Feel free to reserve a free consultancy with our business formation expert at Excellent Setup Management Consultancy to know how you can benefit from partnering with the Best Dubai Airport Free Zone consultancy service provider!