Umm Al Quwain Free Zone Overview

The Umm Al Quwain Free Zone is the dynamic destination for the business owners. The continually progressing area will provide you a chance to develop among the modern infrastructures. The site is famous for the mind-blowing landscapes will make it one of the best UAE Free Zones

The beauty of the place will automatically attract the customers to it would be easy for you to market your brand and business. The destination is 45 km away from Dubai, and the Umm Al Quwain marine club is famous for providing the tourists and residents with a relaxing experience.

The best thing about the Umm al Quwain Free Zone company license is that the chances of investment are high, the living cost is low and people are always seeking UAQ free zone careers. All these factors make it easier to run your free Zone company and get the perfect chance to establish a successful business.


Advantages of setting up a license in the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone

Here is the list of benefits that you will get by Umm al-Quwain company registration:

  • 0% for the personal and corporate tax.
  • The NOC letter from current visa sponsor is not required
  • complete ownership of the Free Zone company
  • All types of commercial activities are allowed
  • There is no restriction on currency
  • 100% is the Repatriation of profit and capital
  • 100% tax exemption for exports and imports Within the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone
  • The quick registration process with Excellent setup Free zone company registration service.
  • Apart from the availability of land you will get all the high technological services
  • It has the accessibility of more than 200 billion consumers
  • It can be regarded as the strategic location for the micro-business organizations
  • The best thing about UAQ portal is that it is close to the major seaports and two airports
  • At the UAQ seaport, you will get a special concession
  • In case that you want to hire foreign employees, you can easily get the permission
  • All the rules and regulations are investor friendly and modern

5 types of licenses for umm al Quwain company registration in Free Zone

In order to start your business in Umm al Quwain Free Zone here is the list of license that you will have to get according to the niche of your business.

Commercial license

It will allow you to start a business export, import, storage, and distribution. You can have 3 different product lines or 10 products from the same category.

General trading license

It will give your business the flexibility and freedom to manage a wide range of activities. With the UAE rules and regulations, you will get the chance to trade in the allowed commodities.

Industrial license

According to this license, the business owner will get the chance to import the raw material and then manufacture the good from it that can be exported in the future.

Consultancy license

This license will allow you to share the professional and expert advice with those who require it. It will allow you to handle two different activities.

Freelance permit

A special permit has been designed for the individuals that like to operate in the technology. It will allow them to handle the freelancing activities that they are specialized in.

Services license

Services providers will need to get this license in order to provide specific services like logistics, car rental, travel agency and much more.

Keep mind that all license are available at the Umm al Quwain Free Zone license fees. You will get your license in a limited time.

Four types of ownership in Umm al Quwain Free Zone

According to the Umm al Quwain Free Zone directory, you will get the following types of ownerships in the area.

Free Zone establishment

In this category, you must get the Free Zone license in order to start your own business. It will provide you the opportunity to launch the organization with a single shareholder.

Free Zone Company

In order to start a Free Zone company, you will get the access to have an entity with 2 to 5 shareholders. For this organization, you must get the Free Zone license.

Branch of foreign company

Get the foreign company branch license to operate the branch of a company in UAE. You must ensure that the company is running successfully and have the chance of gaining revenue in UAE.

Branch of local company

The business owners are allowed to launch the branch of the local companies in UAE.

Umm Al Quwain Free Zone Requirements for Business Registration

In order to register your business in the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone, you must provide the following documents.

Application form

  • The passport copy of the director and shareholder
  • The passport copy of the manager
  • Shareholder must provide the proof of his residential address
  • The proof of the residential address of manager must be given
  • The article of association or memorandum must be included
  • The incorporation certificate must be included
  • The power of attorney or resolution by board must be included
  • You have to ensure that all the documents are legal and copies must be attested. In case that, you will provide any kind of fake documents your license will be rejected and you might be blacklisted. Keep in mind to give the proof of the documents like the address and the other services.
  • Other legal documents and their approval for UAQ Free Zone.
  • An Attested and notarized article of association from the United Arab Emirates Embassy.
  • A Board determination to be determined by the panel of managements for your current company/ entity at the location of origin stating the intent of launching a new setup abroad. Must be attested and notarized by the United Arab Embassy.
  • The Certificate and license of registration for the existing company certified and authorized by the United Arab Emirates Embassy.

10 steps to get Umm al Quwain Free Zone license 

You will have to follow the given 10-steps procedure in order to get your business license for Umm al Quwain Free Zone.

First step →Day 1: Sign the service agreement with Excellent Setup and make the payment. (Files preparation. Taking 1 working day after all required documents provided by the client)

Second step→ Day 2: Company name reservation is carried out at the Umm al Quwain Free Zone by our company.

Third step → Day 3: Clients can meet our consultant at Umm al Quwain Free Zone or come to our Office at 9 am to be taken to Umm al Quwain Free Zone by our staff to sign the company incorporation papers work in front of an Umm al Quwain Free Zone official.

Important note: After day three the Schedule will vary depending on what the Client will choose a ready fitted office space or if the customer prefers to ask Umm al Quwain Free Zone contractors to do a fit-out for the elected office, or if customers prefer to do that independently.

These are the steps that will follow day three.

Fourth Step: Office will be finalized

Fifth Step: Preparing Lease agreement

Sixth Step : Collecting the office keys

Seventh Step: Business License released by the Umm al Quwain Free Zone and Excellent Setup will send a soft copy by email.

Eight step: The Original License, Umm al Quwain Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Lease Agreement, and Articles of Association.  This depends on the type of license.

Ninth Step: The dedicated landline will be activated and we will provide you the telephone number along with details of your address in Umm al Quwain Free Zone.

Tenth Step: Company Immigration Card issued by Umm al Quwain Immigration and you can apply for UAE visa if required.

 Excellent Setup Service Charge

The Umm al Quwain Free Zone cost for setting the new license is 6000AED and in case, that you want to renew your previous license you will have to pay 1500AED. In this fee, you will get the consultation services, the professional help and your documents will be translated into English and Arabic. You will get all types of help from us while setting your business. We will ensure to get your business registered in the limited time so that you can begin your services.

Amendment License Services for Umm al Quwain Free Zone

Our services also Include:

  • Add Partner
  • Partner Withdrawal
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Modify Activity
  • Amendment of  Trade Name
  • Change Manager
  • Adjust Signature
  • Adjust License Particulars
  • Change Partner
  • Cancel License
  • Trade License Cancellation

PRO Services

  •  Airport Visa Drop-off
  • Arabic Legal Translation (from English)
  • The Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation as well as  of Degrees, Marriage Certificate, and Birth Certificate
  • The Attestation of Certificates/Contract
  • The Certificate of Good Standing
  • Salary Certificate
  • No Objection Letter for  (Driver’s License, Liquor License, Car Registration, Travel)
  • In Country Change of Status
  • Visa Pre-Approval
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (inside the country)
  • Police Clearance (for Liquor License)
  • Assistance for Driver’s License
  • Penalty for late renewal of Immigration Card
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (outside the country)
  • VIP Support for the Medical Test & Emirates ID Application
  • Re-issuance/Duplicate Company Document
  • Dependents Sponsorship


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