Company formation in Dubai overview

In the last few decades investing in Dubai has shown to be a lucrative venture for numerous business owners. Dubai has reliable infrastructure, economic connections, and an international environment. These features make Dubai one of the best areas in the world to do business. The DED (Department of Economic Development) is the Government Department that is in control for issuing company formation in Dubai for either corporate or individual entity that wishes to start a business in Dubai.

Advantages of Company Formation Dubai in Mainland

  • It provides the flexibility to undertake business in the UAE with local and government authorities.
  • Setting up an LLC company in Dubai mainland allows you to operate an office anywhere in Dubai.
  • There are more variety of licenses available for Company setup in Dubai than Dubai Free Zone.
  • There are no limits on the number of visas depending on the office space.

Company formation in mainland Dubai provides more options on LLC UAE company formation. This provides fewer nationality limits in the ownership and visas associated to other jurisdictions.

Three types of licenses for company formation Dubai in Mainland

Professional license:

  • The founding of the entities formed under the UAE Civil Code which is regulated in undertaking ‘non-commercial’ or civil activities. The UAE Civil Code entities may be singular or a Civil Works Company. These include the promotion of services, skills, and expertise of the entities and the business they want to conduct. Other related practices may also be involved in the use of investment of intellectual faculties.
  • Companies of single entities or bigger corporations may be 100% foreign owned. However, a Local Service Agent is needed to be appointed.
  • In compliance with the guidelines of the UAE laws, the Local Service Agent will not have any Authority in the management or any financial obligation. They would only act on the entities on behalf to facilitate the trade license and visa processes required to finish the business license.  The Local Service Agent will be agreed on in the contract to legalize the affiliation between the two parties.
  • Subjective of the business venture, this can be an LCC (Limited Liability Company) referring to 51% of the ownership is given to the Local UAE National or Company.  In a company situation and some business ventures, the shareholders of the UAE Company need to meet the same criteria as its foreign partner/s.
  • Existing companies can only invest in a new Civil Company if they reflect the same business activity as the parent company.

Commercial License:

Commercial license is to provide physical products and services in the UAE.   This license is extensively utilized for businesses with foreign ownership wanting to start a businesses and trade in the UAE. Under the UAE Companies Law, a minimum of 51% ownership must be owned by a UAE National, known as a Local Partner. The foreign shareholder will have 49% ownership.  However, the law allows the issuance of legal documents for an LLC in Dubai or UAE to cover requirements designed to protect the interests of the different minority shareholder. We provide the services to act as your local partner.

Industrial License:

The manufacturing enterprises and industrial companies are required to have an industrial/manufacturing license to operate in the UAE. The Dubai Economic Development is responsible for issuing an Industry Trade License along with approvals from various and other jurisdictions. These Industrial Licenses are valid for a particular time. They are subject to compliance with the conditions mentioned while processing the license. Companies under the Industrial License need to register their license in the Dubai Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
The organizations that convert natural resources or alter raw materials are the only ones that can have an industrial license. However, they need to hire a warehouse inside the UAE before they can get the permit. Contact us for more information.

Branch or Representative Office:

Setting up a branch is classified under the UAE Companies Law and allows 100% foreign ownership. This is allowed under the condition that a local service agent is needed. A Branch office is an extension of the parent company in the UAE and is permitted to make contracts and carry business. The activities of the Representative Office will be the same as the mother company which requires approval from the UAE Ministry of Economy. The branch can carry the product and services of the parent company. This includes any trading activity, however, allowing only up to four employees per company.

 Activities for each of the three types of  licenses when applying for company formation Dubai

Commercial License for business setup in Dubai

Amusement Equipment & Supplies Trading

Bags, Packaging Materials & Paper Trading

Broadcasting & Communications

Car Rent & Passenger Transport

Cleaning Equipment Trading

Contracting & Building Works

Electricals Trading

Facility Management

Flour Mills

Surveillance & Cleaning Services

Tobacco & Smoking Accessories Trading

Used Articles Trading

Used Heavy Equipment Trading

Video & Recordings

Foodstuff Supply

Fuel Supply


Leather Trading

Mechanical & Engineering Equipment Trading

Animal Skin Trading

Aircraft & Train Spare Parts Trading

Art Production

Banks, Finance & Credit Group

Building Maintenance

Waste Trading

Chemicals Trading

Auto Spare Parts Trading

Beauty & Baby Care Requisites

Building Materials Trading

Cinema & Theaters

Consumer Stores Group

Domestic Gas Distribution

Machinery & Equipment Rental

Medicines Trading

Other Personal & Trading Services

Packing Services

Postal Services

Metals & Its Products Trading

Real Estate

Other Rental Services


Poultry Trading


Sports Equipment Rental


Time Sharing

Transport, Shipping & Storage

Used Electronics & Furniture Trading

Other Trading Activities

Vending Machines Trading

Pets Nursery & Trading

Ready-Made Garments Group

Separate Trading Activities

Sports Equipment Trading

Foodstuff Trading

Furniture Trading


Livestock Trading

Medical Eye Glasses Trading & Eyes Testing Services

Office & Electronic Equipment Rental

Commercial Brokerage

Cooperation Societies

Electronics Group

Filling Station

Flowers & Plants

Exchange & Financial Services

Fish Trading

Fodders & Animal Food Trading

Fuel & Petroleum Products Trading

Home Appliances Trading

Jewellery Trading

Ships & Boats Trading

Stationery & Books Trading

Tents & Tarpaulin Trading

Trading in Motor Vehicles & Motorcycles

Used Auto Spare Parts Trading


Industrial License for business setup in Dubai
Appliances & Machinery Manufacturing

Carpet & Mat Manufacturing

Coating, Insulations, Seals & Protection Materials Manufacturing

Fish Canning & Freezing

Foodstuff Mills & Packaging

Goldsmith &Gold Repairing

Lighting Equipment Manufacturing

Manufacture of Gold & Precious Stones Cutting

Manufacture of Motor Vehicles

Manufacturer of Tyres &Rubber Products

Production of Garments & Rugs

Production of Wood, Wood Products, &Furniture

Metal Home Appliances Manufacturing

Paper Home Appliances Manufacturing

Pipes and Wires Manufacturing

Power Generation and Transmission

Stationery Manufacturing

Structural Steel Manufacturing

Water Manufacturing & Bottling

Appliances &Machinery Manufacturing

Carpet and Mat Manufacturing

Coating, Insulations, Seals & Protection Materials Manufacturing

Fish Canning & Freezing

Foodstuff Mills and Packaging

Goldsmith and Gold Repairing

Lighting Equipment Manufacturing

Manufacture of Gold & Precious Stones Cutting

Appliances &Machinery Manufacturing

Steel Workshop

Manufacture of Motor Vehicles

Manufacturer of Tyres & Rubber Products

Production of Garments &Rugs

Production of Wood, Wood Products,& Furniture

Metal Home Appliances Manufacturing

Paper Home Appliances Manufacturing

Pipes &Wires Manufacturing

Power Generation & Transmission

Stationery Manufacturing

Structural Steel Manufacturing

Water Manufacturing &Bottling

Professional License for business setup in Dubai

Applied Studies

Business Council

Charity Market

Combing and Upholstery

Consultancy -B- Engineering

Information and Marketing

Event Organizers

Finance Consultants

Gents Salon

Halls and Exhibition

Institutes and Education

Kids Salon

Ladies Salon

Legal Services

Medical Laboratories

Not Grouped

Other Engineering Services

Printing and Publishing Services

Technical and Professional Workshops

Veterinary Clinic and Women Clubs

Technical and Professional Workshops

Motor and Motorcycles Driving Institutes



Business and Professional Organizations

Businessmen Forum

Charity Society

Commercial Library

Consultancy -C- Petrol and Water

Documents Destroying and Storage

Exhibition Organizers

Fishing and Fish Farming

Gents Tailoring and Design

Handicraft Workshops

Insurance Consultants


Animal Welfare Organization

Business Aviation Association

Car Registration and Transfer Services

Cleaning Services

Consultancy -A- Agriculture and Soil

Consultancy -D- Management


Facilities Management Group

Fishing Cages and Net Manufacturing

Motor and Motorcycles Driving Institutes

Cleaning Services

Government Liaison office

Hospitals and Recovery Houses

Key Duplicators and Stamp Making

Labour Supply and Employment Agency


Medical Clinic

Motor Vehicle Repairing

office of International Organization

Personal Requisites Repairing

Regional Liaison office

Representative office

Sewage and Cleaning Services

Special Purpose Firm

Separate Professional Activities

Social Work Activities

Studio – Trade License

Typing and Translation


Outlet Group

Recreation Halls

Repairing of Equipment


Ladies Tailoring and Design

Livestock Farming

Requirements for Company Formation Dubai in the Main land

Company setup in Dubai has never been easier. When meeting our consultants, we will support you in decisions on the type of business you are willing to start. Whatever you are looking for a Main land company or Dubai free zone company formation Excellent Setup will guide our clients throughout the entire requirements needs to be organized by the customer’s side and substantial work that will be done by Excellent setup for company formation Dubai.

1 –Trade name booking is the first step into starting your business in Dubai which is a one-time fee and valid for six months.

2- Initial approval is the second phase for your license, and our company will do that.

3- Lease agreement is a must to start a business in Dubai. The prices will vary depending on the space and area that you choose to run your business. Our staff will be able to give you informed advice on the best location and best space that will suit your company’s activities.

4 -Notarized and attested Power of Attorney that will be done by Excellent Setup.  We will also provide you with the template so we can act on your behalf and the shareholders.

5 –Passport copy and resume for the manager of the company.

6- Passport copies for the shareholders.

7 -Some activities need additional approval from different authorities like the Civil Defense, Municipality, Ministry of Labor, Immigration Department, Sports Council, KHDA Department, RTA department, and the Notary Republic.

8- Personal information about the managers and the shareholders that Excellent Setup will provide the template for that.

Additional Documents required for a corporate shareholder for setting up business in Dubai

1- An attested and notarized Memorandum MOA of Association that should be done from the UAE embassy at the place of Origin.

2 A Board determination to be determined by the panel of managements for your current company/entity at the location of origin stating the intent of launching a new setup abroad. Must be attested and notarized by the United Arab Embassy.

3-Documentation of registering (if applicable) for your current company entity, license or certificate of incorporation of your existing enterprise/ to be attested and notarized by the United Arab Emirates Embassy.

Local Sponsor for company formation Dubai in Mainland

When setting up an LCC in UAE, the Law of the expatriate shareholders are necessary to name a Local Sponsor or Local Agent depending on the type of the business you want to start.

Excellent setup is leading business setup consultants in Dubai We offer affordable prices for the service charge of our Local Sponsor for Mainland company formation in Dubai.The fee starts at 10,000 AED per year for all the information.

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Five Steps Requirements for Mainland company formation Dubai without Approvals

The schedule for getting a license in the Dubai Economic Department for General trade and commercial license that does not require any external approvals.

First Step  →Day 1: signs service agreement between the client and the Excellent Setup company and submit all the requirements with the payment for our company service charges.

Second Step  →Day 2: Excellent Setup will present the Application for the Initial Approval for business activity.

Third Step →Day 3: Trade Name Reservation will be Acquired.

Fourth Step →Day 4: The client have to provide the Ejari certificate to Excellent Setup and sign Memorandum of Association, Local Service Agent Agreement, and Civil Works Agreement. Before going to the Notary public in Dubai the expatriate shareholders/s are needed to be required personally as well as  Local Partner /Local Service Agent, or it is representative to sign the incorporation documents.

Fifth Step → Day 5:  final submissions of the documentation along with the Issuance payment voucher to acquire the trade License.

Cost of setting up an LCC license in Dubai

LCC License CostAPP -DED ChargesLocal SponsorOur Service ChargesTotal (AED)
First year

Second year









LCC License CostAPP -DED ChargesLocal Sponsor AgentOur Service ChargeTotal(AED)

First year

Second year









Please note the Exact Payment Voucher Fees depends on the type of commercial activity as well as the cost of your yearly rent office. (The Market Fee is 5%). Please contact us for all the costs of your chosen license.

The cost for Name booking is 600AED, and this is a one-time government payment. In case the selected name of the company is foreign (not in Arabic) there will be additional fees of 2000Aed.

The cost of Initial Approval is 160 AED, and this is a one-time government payment.

The Sponsorship fee might change depending on the commercial activities and the needs of Clients.  In case the number of employees will be more the 100 the cost of the sponsorship will increase as well as if an LLC company wants to credit facilities on the MOA.

The cost of the Memorandum of Association/Local Service Agent Agreement/Civil Works Agreement drafting and notarizing is a one-time fee which will be approximately 1925 AED (based on two shareholders that have 100,000 AED share capital calculation).

The price of a File Opening in Immigration (Establishment card) is 860AED; this is a one-time government payment fee.

The cost of a File Opening- Ministry of Labor (Establishment Card) is 2,053AED, this is a one-time government payment fee.

The price of an E-Signature Card – Ministry of Labor 1,000AED, this is a one-time government payment fee.

The Government fees for General Trading License will be approximately AED 25,000 – AED 30,000.

Amendment License Services for Company formation Dubai

Amendment License Services for Company formation Dubai

Our services also include:

  • Add Partner
  • Partner Withdrawal
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Modify Activity
  • Amendment of  Trade Name
  • Change Manager
  • Adjust Signature
  • Adjust License Particulars
  • Change Partner
  • Cancel License
  • Trade License Cancellation

PRO Services in Dubai 

  • Airport Visa Drop-off
  • Arabic Legal Translation (from English)
  • The Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation as well as  of Degrees, Marriage Certificate, and Birth Certificate
  • The Attestation of Certificates/Contract
  • The Certificate of Good Standing
  • Salary Certificate
  • No Objection Letter for  (Driver’s License, Liquor License, Car Registration, Travel)
  • In Country Change of Status
  • Visa Pre-Approval
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (inside the country)
  • Police Clearance (for Liquor License)
  • Assistance for Driver’s License
  • Penalty for late renewal of Immigration Card
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (outside the country)
  • VIP Support for the Medical Test & Emirates ID Application
  • Re-issuance/Duplicate Company Document
  • Dependents Sponsorship

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