Ajman Offshore Set Up

The Offshore company formation in Ajman was founded only towards the end of 2014. The Ajman offshore companies cannot conduct business in the UAE. However, are allowed to invest in UAE companies. They are not a resident, businesses that cannot be issued an operating license they only get an Incorporation certificate. To setup, an offshore company in Ajman an annual audit holds a meeting in the presentence of an auditor, as well as the presence of a minimum of two directors of the shareholders, need to be present in person to sign the documents along with the registered agent. Excellent Setup is a registered agent with Ajman Free Zone; otherwise, you are not allowed to interact with the Ajman Free Zone for offshore company formation. Our consultants have many years of experience and can help you to setup your business in two days.

Advantages of setting up Ajman offshore license

  • Low Startup Cost
  • Multi-Currency UAE Bank Account and have access to Online Banking along with an International Debit Card
  • There is no requirement for your Physical address during the in cooperation OF your company registration.
  • Speedy Incorporation Process
  • 100% Tax-Free
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted
  • Anonymous and Discreet
  • No Audit Report filing
  • Globally respected jurisdiction
  • To Enhanced Privacy Ajman Free Zone Offshore has a closed register and does not contribute in any data exchange treaties. Outside Ajman free zone authority there is  no privy to data regarding your company


These are some of the activities at offshore Ajman free Zone

The General Trading activity

The Consulting and Advisory Services activity

The Holding Company (Buy/Hold/Sell stakes of companies) activity

The Investments and Joint Investments Company activities

The Property-Owning (Subject to the respective local laws of each Emirate, City, and Country) activities

The International services activities

The Professional Services activities

The Shipping and ship Management Company’s activity

The Commission Agents Company /Intermediary Brokers (IB’s) activities

There are more options that we can offer depending on the client’s requirements contact our constancy for more information.

Requirements for setting up an Offshore Company in Ajman

  • An Application Form provided by Excellent Setup to record three options for a name for the enterprise.
  • A passport copy of each shareholder or shareholders of the company.
  • An original proof of the residence for each shareholder like utility bills.
  •  The minimum of 10,000 AED is required as a shared capital.
  • Articles of Association, Memorandum of Incorporation (Excellent Setup will provide a format for the Application for incorporating of the Ajman offshore company).
  • In case any of the shareholders wants to be a corporate body, we need all the documents be attested where the corporation was originally established. The process starts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the original country followed by the United Arab Emirates consulate in that Original country with the final stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Number of shares in the offshore company
  • A full description of the activates of the company
    the name of the shareholder and the name of the entire shareholder in case there is more than one.
  • We provide a full assist with opening Offshore Company Bank account in the United Arab Emirates.

First step Day 1: Submit the application to Excellent Setup and make the payment.

Second step Day 2: a Memorandum will be prepared to be signed by you. We will send you a copy by email to sign and submit these documents back to Excellent Setup in the original.

Third step Day 3:  Clients will revive their original papers with the company stamp and sit with bank repressive to open the bank account.

Offshore Company Setup Fee in Ajman

Offshore licenseFirst-yearSecound Year Government Fee
Cost In AED9,000


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