You want to start a business in Dubai this is our story!

Our story will inspire you to start a business in Dubai or any of the other six Emirates. Excellent Setup was started by a small group of former attorneys, with the simple purpose of making it easier for people to start a business in UAE? During our careers, we met and witnessed many individuals who spent a lot of money and time trying to setup a new business in the UAE without professional support. They ended up missing many business opportunities in Dubai, as well as facing difficulties with sponsorship and choosing the wrong type of business activity.

We began our business setup company under the name of First Step Businessmen Services, and we focused on providing a more economical and affordable option for the new business set up in Dubai. Over the first two years, our services assisted thousands of clients to start their business in the UAE. Our customers were satisfied, but we felt there was more to be done to support other areas of our client’s business initiatives in company formation in the UAE.

As the time passed, we learned more about the core needs of our customers. We have helped many individuals and companies from different parts of the world, either to establish a new business in the UAE or open a branch for a UAE Mother Company and International Company. At Excellent Setup, we try to serve our customers in the best way and keep up to date with constantly changing legislature in the UAE. We further extended our services to offer outside legal documents and procedures. We have added web services setup in domain registration, ready to go websites, and logo design. The primary factor for our new services is to support our customers to save valuable time and money. Our Company is a true one-stop shop when you decide to start a business in Dubai – without exceeding your budget!

Start a business in Dubai and across UAE with Excellent Setup

Entering 2017, we have made significant progress and we are proud to continue our story. This is only possible because of our dedicated, intelligent and customer-orientated staff. We have built a strong network of knowledge to assist with your move to the United Arab Emirates to live or to start a business here. Whatever you are looking for to start a business in – Dubai free Zones or Dubai Mainland or UAE Free Zones – our experienced consultants will help you to choose the best option for starting a business in Dubai and throughout UAE.

There is an abundance of business opportunities in Dubai ahead of Expo 2020. Foreign and GCC investors are trying to grab the business opportunities in Dubai by opening franchises for big international companies. We offer free consultancy for all types of company registration in Dubai and across UAE. We have a team that knows the UAE market extremely well and are always seeking business opportunities in Dubai for foreigners as well as GCC nationals that are looking to open a new company or a branch. Excellent Setup consultants will guide you through what you need to know about the steps and requirements to start a new business in Dubai and across UAE.

What to do if you are planning a start-up in Dubai

Creating A Start-Up in Dubai has always been promoted in Dubai. No wonder Dubai is beginning to attract the eye of business investors since it began to demonstrate its economic stability to the global market. 

Present market trends in Dubai present plenty of opportunities for foreign investors to tap into export and import commodities and take the edge of the city’s flourishing tourist traffic for a virtually unlimited number of potential clients and consumers going your way. 

Present market trends in Dubai present plenty of opportunities for foreign investors to tap into export and import commodities and take the edge of the city’s flourishing tourist traffic for a virtually unlimited number of potential clients and consumers going your way. 

You need to get familiarized with the different facts associated with a company start-up in Dubai and detour the issues encountered while establishing a profitable company in the United Arab Emirates.

5 Do’s in company start-up

Choose a local sponsor, a UAE resident, for a regional business start-up.

Many business opportunities are obtainable in Dubai and the other Emirates of UAE. Nevertheless, if you want to commence a business that must use the potential of Dubai, then you require a locally registered LLC company.

A UAE national must be a 51% partner known as a local ‘sponsor’. A local business provides the liberty to locate a company anywhere in the city. It is a boon for an enterprise start-up in Dubai because it affords the best selection of locations to suit your funding.

Pick a Free Zone if you desire to possess your business 100%

Keep in mind that the only method for a business start-up in UAE to begin without taking a UAE national acting as your associate is to locate your company in one of the Free Zones. 

For a business start-up, Free Zones offer three significant benefits

  • Speedy start-up
  • 100% ownership
  • Duty-Free customs boundary.

Choose a Place that optimizes suitability, convenience, and expenses.

You must set up your company in the most profitable or convenient area for your firm. For instance, a location in the proper city can be picked for a store, or an office is most known for the kind of product or service you are marketing.

Verify your Visa eligibility and necessity

For an enterprise start-up in the UAE, a visa allowing you and your employees to live in UAE is critical to operating your business. Therefore, visas are authorized for almost all companies.

However, their number differs according to criteria such as the nature of the business, size of the office, the category of the worker, or the investor.

Employ Business Set Up Services to take you through the procedure of company start-up

Hiring Business Set Up Services to register your company start-up may be your best alternative. These advisors will not only hold your hand through the setup procedure but also register the business for you. And will assist with opening your bank account, doing your renewals, arranging for an auditor, and delivering nominee services.

You may discover their expertise in negotiating with the local administration bureaucracy and with Free Zone Authorities to be of significant help in planning and itemizing your company start-up expenses.

Therefore, contact Excellent Setup Management Consultancy if you want help with Dubai Online Business start-up today!

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