UAE licenses to operate a business in the country are enormously famous with business people all over the planet and for the ones who wish for an incorporated business in the global business hub. For those wishing to get a license, many courses are accessible – some more costly than others. There is not one level cost for all licenses in the UAE. The expense of your license will rely upon various elements from your organization size and area to your planned exercises and visa prerequisites.

This article will give you a gander at how to get a UAE business license.

The steps to follow 

  1. Start by choosing your company’s business activities

Your chosen business activities might decide the area, license and arrangement type ideal for your business. Thus, handling this step toward the start of the process is, in every case, best.

It would help to guarantee that your business activities line up with the authority list distributed by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). With more than 2,000 activities listed in this list, finding your business activities will not be challenging.

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  1. Pick your trade name.

The next step involves the picking of a business trademark for your business. To conform to UAE naming conventions, you should avoid any hostile or godless language or the names of any notable associations in your chosen organization name.

If you choose to use your name as your company’s name, you must ensure to put your full name in it. Furthermore, recollecting and picking an English or unfamiliar name will incur an extra expense of AED 2,000 yearly.


  1. Apply and submit application for a business license

Applying for your trade or business license is an immeasurably important stage. If you decide to set up your company in the centre zone, the application for a business license is to be submitted to the DED. You can apply straightforwardly to the significant overseeing authority if you set up in a free zone.

As a feature of this process, you should present your finished application structure alongside visa copies for all chiefs and investors.


  1. Apply and recieve your residency visa.

To incorporate company online on the UAE and build the luxurious lifestyle in the country, a residency visa is all you need to make your dreams come true. The process for obtaining a residency visa in the UAE is rather a lengthy one.

  1. Corporate bank account opening

To wrap up, you can apply for a UAE corporate bank to get business payments. While this isn’t generally the most straightforward cycle for non-GCC residents, Excellent Setup can help by prompting on the bank fit typically to your necessities and help you with registration and incorporation of a company in the UAE