Trademark registration

Trademark Registration in the UAE

Excellent Setup will help you to protect your brand by doing best and fastest trademark registration in UAE. Moreover, our consultancies will guide through all the steps and the process required for trademark registration of your unique brand. Get our help with your trademark registration in UAE from a skilled and experienced company with years of successful business setups behind them.

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What can be registered as a Trademark?

Any symbol, word or words that are officially registered or recognized or used as representing a business or product.  A trademark is a name, word, signature, letter, figure, drawing, symbol, title, tax stamp, seal, image, inscription, advertisement, pack, or any other grouping that is intended to be in use for the same profitable purpose.

For how long the Trademark Registration is Valid in the UAE.

A trademark registration is valid for ten years in the UAE, as well as the renewal.

The requirement and the process for Trademark Registration.

First, we would check if the trademark is already registered then submit an application to the Trademarks Registration Office for an initial investigation.

Second, the Trademarks Registrar office will publish your request to register the trademark in two local newspapers.

In a period of thirty days, if no interested party files a notice of opposition to the registered trademark then the registration of the trade mark can go ahead. If there is an opposition of the trademark within thirty days, then it could be appealed to at the ministry committee, as well as the board’s decision.

The final step, if no objection is lodged within the time limit above, a trademark is registered, and you will get a certificate of registration.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

  • A Soft copy of your Trademarks image in black & white.
  • A Power of attorney appointed to Excellent Setup to act on your behalf to apply for the registration and follow up.
  • For corporate applicants, we only need a copy of the requesting Certificate of Incorporation.
  • A passport copy.
  • If the trademark registration has been done before in any country, we need a copy of Certificates of Trademark registration.
  • Excellent Setup can do all the legal translations from Arabic to English or English to Arabic, or you can use external services.
  • Payment of fees for documentation requirements and procedures.